Assignment I

Pub Crawl!

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This Monday a group consisting of Katarina, Andreas and Fabian decided to fulfill their English class assignment and went out to pester native speakers with their questions.

We planned to go to the pub in Sybelstraße in Charlottenburg, but unfortunately for us it was closed for the normal crowd due to a private function. More...


Pub Crawl in professional English

In this paragraph we tried to rewrite our pub crawl - adventure in professional Enlish.

Let's try this with the following part:


"Therefore the gang decided to head over to the Irish pub inside Europacenter in order to hit it off with some Englishmen. However that was easier said than done since the task of finding English natives became a bigger ordeal than we deemed it would be. We tried to sneak around the tables to hear who was speaking English but first of all we did not find anybody and secondly the crowd was beginning to get hacked off by our stalking. As our campaign to connect with native tongues became as disastrous as the 1968 Democratic convention, Katarina came up with the idea... different slang expressions."


What does this part show us? Let's analyse the paragraph.


It is obvious that all members of our group are flexible since we can adopt to given circumstances. Moreover we enjoy teamwork and seem to be very cooperative. In order to complete a task we make a lot research and are very inventive. The data set is very important for us. That is why we were searching informants who could "deliver" appropriate answers...

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